Who we are?

E&N CHERNY is an Enterprise that was born thanks to the wish of setting out and the addition of efforts, friendship and talent of two successful and independent women, but specially because of all the deep love Mexico feels for Elena Chernishova, enterprise principal and business woman, with Russian nationality, nowadays living in Mexico City, in addition to the precedents and also of her big wish of achieving the world to know and appreciate the cultural richness of a country with such a big history and diverse traditions and customs, which it daze whom has the opportunity of visiting it.

With this as main goal, E&N CHERNY dedicates its activities to the commerce and exportation of jewelry made by silver 100% Mexican, pieces that shows unique designs and highlights the gorgeousness of important cultures as is the case of Aztec and Mayan collections which look for bringing to any who wears them Mexican prehispanic splendor in a sophisticated and fresh jewel which shows the beauty of those who wear them, all of this with the maxim quality guarantee and artisanal process which add worth to our products.

In E&N CHERNY we always work with the philosophy of offering the best service to our customers, offering quality, honesty, and respect to the cultural diversity and a deep


The purpose in E&N CHERNY is to carry out the whole world designs full of quality, avant-garde, innovation, elegance and originality embodied in beautiful and unique pieces of Mexican silver jewelry, which are elaborated with crafted processes which by itself reflects the majestic culture of this important nation; making every jewel a unique and unrepeatable treasure that would enable the modern women possess and bequeath a heritage filled with value and history. We are truly committed with the satisfaction towards our customers within a reliable environment.