Customer Service


In E&N CHERNY we are committed to our clients in terms of quality, design, innovation, art and delivery times, therefore customer service is one of our priorities.

If you want to contact us, please write to the following address:
One of our main goals is to achieve maximum client satisfaction by purchasing our jewelry. Every piece is 100% silver made with an artisanal production process which needs a very special care, so we offered some basic advice in order to prolong the life of the jewelry.

  • Clean each piece with a soft cloth after use.
  • Avoid direct contact between the piece and salt water, chlorine, detergents or chemicals that contain alcohol or any abrasive.
  • Do not stack jewelry in a drawer or tray, if possible, wrap each piece in a separate cloth.
  • All jewelry can be cleaned if immersed safely in warm soapy water (do not use a detergent soap) for ten minutes. It can also be cleaned with a soft brush in order to remove any filth. Finally, dry the piece very carefully on an absorbent cloth.

In E&N CHERNY we know the value of our jewelry, as well as the importance of maintaining a cordial and lasting relationship with each and every one of our customers through responsibility and commitment, which is why we offer repair service in case the piece has a manufacturing defect. If so, please contact us immediately.


¿Why Mexican silver?

One of E&N CHERNY’s main objectives is to let the world know Mexico through the incredible quality and innovative silver jewelry work that represents the passion of its makers.

¿How long does the shipping takes?

Shipping times are handled in relation to the destination place, which is stipulated in our sale contract with each client.

¿How will the package be delivered?

The orders will be delivered though Brinx Company and Pan-American transportation services.

¿How do I order?

You can set up your orders on this website through the shopping cart option, allowing you to see our collections in order to choose any piece you wish to purchase.

¿Do you have any stores?

Service information in only via Internet.

¿Shipping is included in the price?

No, shipping costs have to be made by the costumer and is stipulated according to the weight in kilograms of the total order.

¿I there a minimum number of pieces to buy?

Yes, due to the logistic process which involves the delivery in each country, the minimum amount is 10,000 usd.

¿Why do I have to register on your website?

It is a requirement for our clients to be able to access every collection without any restriction, since our website is dedicated to professional services wholesale.




According with the policies of the company, it is important to the understanding of our clients the following terms and conditions:


  • When making a purchase through our web site, form of payment will be individually stipulated in each contact through the contact address:
  • The total amount of the purchase shall be filled in advance completely.
  • Shipping costs are not included in the price of each piece; this has to be paid by the client according to the weight in kilograms of the order.
  • Orders are shipped through the company Brinx, Panamerican transportation service.
  • One an order is made it cannot be canceled.
  • E&N CHERNY does not handle returns, any doubt or clarification, please, contact us.
  • It is extremely necessary for us that our clients visit the Privacy Notice option.