Privacy Notice

By this instrument , E & N Cherny , SA de C.V. ( “E & N Cherny ” ) pursuant to the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties ( ” ACT ” ) reports that it is responsible for the processing of their personal data , residing in Matias Romero 216 , Room 1002, Col. Del Valle, Mexico Federal District , CP 03100

1. Responsible : E & N Cherny

Two . Information collected : Any information regarding the identification of the person who has a relationship , whether collected by print, digital or oral means, if you are a moral person : charter , folio registration in the public register , power of attorney , agent identification , proof of address , RFC , Tax Certificate, telephone number, email and / or any other document required by type of relationship you have with the moral person that such information is collected . In case of physical person : official identification CURP , RFC , proof of address , national origin , marital status , birth certificate , marriage certificate, email, phone and / or any other document required by type of relationship you have with the individual from which such information is collected .

Three . Aims of treatment : Personal data will be collected to comply with any of the following :

Compliance with applicable tax or other laws in which personal data of suppliers and / or customers for compliance required; establish legal personality and capacity , enter into various types of contracts, civil, commercial or nature that corresponds to the relationship be taken with the person from which the information is sought , verification of information, integrating a database related to E & N Cherny , conclusion of contracts , agreements or deeds and any other act that allows to perform to people by which the link between the person and E & N Cherny is created.

April . Use or Disclosure : The information provided will be used to create databases, make reports to authorities , public or private moral authorities , providing information to notaries , suppliers or comply with the terms that are agreed verbally , written E & N Cherny ; also , there is a tacit consent to the transfer of personal data unless there is express objection by the means set forth herein. The information may also be used to provide services, products , information and making decisions.

May . Revocation of Consent: Consent is implied from the time to provide various information to E & N Cherny , the consent is for E & N Cherny can collect , process and transfer personal data in case you want to limit it in any way , shall be submitted in writing by duplicate (original and return ) , where the name of the person indicated, uncredited personality, present identification to expose the collation and why are limiting the use of the information. When you print an acknowledgment stamp and legal signature of the person receiving the request.

6. Media : The ARCO rights ( access, rectify , cancel and oppose the processing of personal data ) shall be available on the same terms and conditions as the Revocation of Consent , however , if you need to do it more immediately , it may send the writing . E & N Cherny not be held liable for failure to exercise the right to revoke consent in writing or exercise ARCO rights in established forms , and any information that has already been released prior to the opposition or exercise of rights ARCO agreed to the terms hereof .


8. Customer data :

a. Privacy Office : Department of Data Management .

b . Address: 216 Matias Romero , desp 1002 Col. Del Valle, Mexico Federal District , CP 03100 .

c . Email: .

d . Phone: 55 33 30 03 40

E & N Cherny reserves the right to make changes at any time or update this privacy notice to the attention of legislative features , internal policies, new requirements for providing or offering our services or products and market practices.

These changes will be available to the public through the following means : ( i ) visible results for our offices or works , ( ii ) our website [ ] or ( iii) we will send the latest post address you have provided to us .

The date of last update to this Privacy Notice : 29/01/2014